The Analytics Speakeasy - Ep 2


Collaborative Analytics – The Next Wave
Featuring Ventana Research

Collaboration has infiltrated almost every other software solution including HR, ERP and CRM, so why not collaborative analytics?  A recent survey by Ventana Research showed that 38% of respondents are using some form of collaboration among their analytics teams already, and another 52% plan to use collaboration in their analytics, leading Ventana to predict:

By 2020, collaboration will become a standard feature of 3/4th of data and analytics processes in much the same way that visualization is now part of analytic processes.

The second edition of the Analytics Speakeasy has guest speaker David Menninger, SVP & Research Director of Data and Analytics Research at Ventana Research to discuss:

  • What do we mean by collaboration in analytics?
  • Where is the need for collaboration?
  • Benefits and impact of analytics collaboration
  • Different ways analytics teams can collaborate
  • Interesting features needed to support collaboration


Hear from leading experts:

Dave Menninger

SVP & Research Director of Data and Analytics, Ventana

John Morrell

Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Datameer

About Ventana Research

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