Neebo + Snowflake: The Fast Path To Cloud Analytics

Organizations with complex data landscapes use Neebo with Snowflake to bridge analytics teams and develop insights 20 times faster across the enterprise for blazing-fast analytics and data science.

What is Neebo?

The Neebo Virtual Analytics Hub gives organizations fast access and deep visibility into all of their enterprise data assets—whether in the cloud or on-premises—via a single unified self-service platform. With Neebo, you can discover, share, collaborate and analyze all of your corporate-trusted data to answer questions up to 20 times faster while bridging data silos without any duplication and IT assistance.

Maximize Your Snowflake Investment

Neebo allows analysts at any skill level to rapidly combine and use Snowflake data with other sources to quickly and easily deliver new analytics. Your team will make best use of your Snowflake resources and migrate new workloads into Snowflake for greater ROI.

Faster Answers Through Sharing & Collaboration

Instantly collaborate and share with other experts. Within Neebo, analysts and data scientists work side-by-side, in real-time, to create the best analytics from your Snowflake data. And teams have complete confidence when collaborating, because Neebo enforces Snowflake’s security and data sharing rules.

Capture Knowledge & Build Trust

Neebo captures valuable insights about your Snowflake data – see who, how, when, and why data is used. Through these insights, analysts find new ways to apply data to business initiatives, all directly in Neebo, extending the value of your Snowflake investment.

Use More Data with Easy Discovery & Access

Improve time-to-value through the ability to find and use any data asset including your Snowflake data. Create valuable data assets by modeling new analytic problems collaboratively without the time of upfront data engineering.

An Integrated Solution

Neebo’s native integration performs advanced queries and searches directly in Snowflake, saving analysts valuable time and reducing network data costs over a generic integration.

Connect Directly To Snowflake In Neebo


Connect To Snowflake In A Few Steps

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