All your analytic assets in one place

The SaaS solution for your analytic teams

Connect all your enterprise applications and data
sources in one click

Business applications, data warehouses, data lakes, cloud or on-premise or any local files on your desktop. See our integrations

Search the enterprise analytic landscape

All of the analytic assets across the enterprise are now easily searchable and discoverable. Just start typing what analysis, reports, KPI you might be looking for, and our machine learning driven search will show you the relevant assets.

Create new analytic assets on the fly, bridge data silos

Want to create a new analytic asset ? Our  point and click workflow lets you combine, clean, append and create the analytic asset you need for your analysis.

Publish to any BI or data science tool

Seamlessly connect to your favorite BI tool or connect to your favorite data science tools and point to your new curated data sets to train your models.
See our integrations

Lightning fast query

Intelligent distributed query optimizer that ensures high throughput and fast response time to interactive queries. Supports push down capabilities for “best place processing” of queries and reducing data transfers over the wire.

Secure and Reliable


Integrated role-based security that convers both access to data and management of data models.


Built-In encryption and obfuscation to ensure the highest degrees of data security and privacy.

Access Control

Push-down of security and access control to data sources to maintain consistent policies and rights.