Neebo + Looker: Look at your ad-hoc analytics in a new way

Organizations with complex data landscapes use Neebo and Looker to connect and find data and other analytics assets. With Neebo you will discover, share, collaborate, and analyze and visualise in Looker to answer questions up to 20 times faster.

Solve complex and ad-hoc analytics challenges

Leverage past analyses, find, access and prep any data set on the fly. Neebo is the gateway to finding and collaborating on not only datasets, but also all of your enterprise analytic assets. Looker then makes these datasets available across an organization, for visualization, further analysis, and to power data workflows for quickly performing ad-hoc analytics.

Discover analytics assets in every form

Start an analytics project using Neebo’s AI-assisted search to find any prior analysis, documents, reports, dashboards, or datasets relevant to the analysis at hand. Quickly discover and open any asset in Looker to deliver fast analytic results.

Share and reuse assets from anywhere

With Neebo, enterprise data doesn’t need to be loaded centrally into a data warehouse. With one click in Neebo, teams can start visualizing their data in Looker – wherever their data resides.

Trusted insights through collaboration

Neebo makes collaborating on analytics easy. Experience greater trust in data and Looker analysis outcomes. Through Neebo’s workbench, you can annotate existing assets, solicit feedback from your team, subscribe to a coworker’s analytics stream, clone, reuse, edit, or audit someone’s work.

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About Neebo

The Neebo Virtual Analytics Hub gives organizations fast access and deep visibility into all of their enterprise data assets—whether in the cloud or on-premises—via a single unified self-service platform. With Neebo, you can discover, share, collaborate and analyze all of your corporate-trusted data to answer questions up to 20 times faster while bridging data silos without any duplication and IT assistance.

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