Top Data Science Blogs to Follow in 2020

Welcome to 2020!  A new year and a new decade.  As we begin a new and exciting year in data science, it is important that professionals discover the top data science blogs to follow in 2020 to keep up on the important trends and developments.

The data scientist profession saw an increase of 56% in job openings between 2018 and 2019. It was the most promising job of 2019 and will remain in high demand throughout 2020 as more businesses invest in data projects.

A new and exciting year is just beginning for data science, and we can’t wait to see which trends will shape the industry and which innovations will take data science further than ever before.


FloydHub is a platform where industry experts write about AI, machine learning, deep learning and data science. This blog is an interesting mix of practice advice, technical pieces and educational content about using new tools. You’ll also find some thought-provoking articles about where data science is headed.


We recommend subscribing to Edureka!’s blog if you’re an aspiring data scientist or if one of your resolutions for the new year is to expand your data science skills.

Edureka! delivers an excellent selection of educational resources. You’ll find data science blog posts and modules you can use to learn more about topics like data science, business analytics or Python programming.

Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research

The Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research or BAIR blog is your go-to resource for pieces from faculty and students discussing the latest research in the field of data science. It’ll give you interesting insight into what data science could be like tomorrow. This blog features pieces about innovative uses of data science as well as educational content about theories and data science concepts.

Simply Statistics

Simply Statistics is a blog worth following if you want to read about innovative applications of big data and AI. This data science blog offers practical advice for data projects and blog posts written by authoritative sources on a wide range of topics related to data science and statistics.

Smart Data Collective

We recommend following the Smart Data Collective blog so you can read about best practices for using data science in a business setting. Many of its blog posts connect data science with current business trends, like the importance of customer experience, and the writing makes complex topics very accessible.


DataKind is a nonprofit organization that uses big data to make a difference. The data science blog section is filled with inspiring stories of projects that used data science to help a community or address a societal issue. Follow the blog to find out more about all the amazing things that data science makes possible!


Springboard features interviews with industry professionals and pieces about noteworthy data projects. You’ll also find helpful resources like collections of data sets. It’s a great blog to follow if you want practical advice for your education or career, or simply want to read about interesting data projects.

Neebo blog

We regularly write about data science on our blog. It includes advice for developing successful projects, use cases and more. Once you have checked out our blog, request a demo to see how Neebo is dressing some of the key new trends in analytics around self-service and faster, easier ad-hoc analytics.

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