Top Analytics Blogs to Follow in 2020

Welcome to 2020!  A new year and a new decade.  With the world of analytics changing so rapidly, it is critical that analytics professionals understand the top analytics blogs to follow in 2020 to keep up on the important trends and developments.

Experts believe that revenues from big data and analytics will exceed $203 billion by the end of 2020. Keeping up with industry news is essential because it helps you maintain a competitive edge and anticipate challenges. Here are the top analytics blogs that will keep you up to date throughout 2020.

Google Analytics blog

Whether you use Google Analytics products or not, the Google Analytics blog is worth reading. Posts often discuss updates to Google products and reflect the capabilities other service providers will roll out in the near future. You will also find detailed posts that guide you through using the different features of Google products.

Data Science Central

Data Science Central is a comprehensive resource for industry news. You will find analytics blog posts from data scientists, podcasts and webinars. We recommend subscribing so you can keep up with best practices and industry trends.


Codementor covers a wide range of topics and is an amazing resource if you are looking for how-to analytics blog posts to extend your knowledge of data science. That website publishes content from data science experts regularly and is a valuable resource for finding new ideas for data projects.


Dataversity collects educational resources. The analytics blog section is filled with actionable advice for businesses, and you will find the latest news on issues like new regulations and compliance requirements. It’s also a great resource for keeping up with new product releases.

Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative

The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative is a program created by the University of Pennsylvania. It’s an interesting analytics blog to follow because it will give you an idea of where analytics is headed as a field. You will find stories about research, case studies and innovations.


Kaggle is a unique resource because it’s created by a community of data scientists who are truly passionate about what they do. The analytics blog section will give you insights into what different members of the community are working on, and you will also find posts about studies and noteworthy datasets.


Datafloq is a blog where forward-thinking experts discuss what’s next in the world of big data. You will find an interesting mixture of analytics blog posts with insightful advice you can apply to current projects and pieces that discuss the next big trends.

KD Nuggets

KD Nuggets is a go-to resource for analytics and big data industry news. The analytics blog also covers topics like AI and machine learning. Subscribe to KD Nuggets to keep up with the latest research and products, and you will also find educational content. The content tends to be technical, but we recommend subscribing so you can hone your data science skillset.

Neebo blog

The Neebo blog mixes company news, educational resources and practical advice for your analytics projects.  Once you have checked out our blog, request a demo to see how Neebo is dressing some of the key new trends in analytics around self-service and faster, easier ad-hoc analytics.

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