Analytics Leader

Dramatically increase the efficiency of your analytics team and over deliver to the business while making your analytics practitioners happy, engaged and indispensable.

How Neebo can help

  • Analyze 20 Times Faster

    Turnaround new analysis up to 20 times faster by reducing the time it takes your analytics team to discover and analyze the right, trusted data.

  • Deliver Trusted Results

    Deliver more trusted and timely insights to the business, increasing the everyday use of analytics output and making every decision data driven.

  • Empower Your Team & Increase Efficiency

    Let your analytics team focus on what they do best – analysis – by eliminating data bottlenecks and allowing them to collaborate and share knowledge.

  • Deliver Greater Analytics ROI

    Increase the ROI of your analytics initiatives, eliminate analytics backlogs, and deliver higher analytics SLAs to the business.

Key Features

  • Easy access to and discovery of data assets

  • Sharing and reuse of data assets to increase speed

  • Collaboration tools to build knowledge and trust

  • Native cloud-first solution for rapid, easy deployment

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