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Search and find any data and virtually access it without duplicating it. Work with any data type – databases, data warehouses, data lakes, applications, documents -from any location – on-premises, cloud or in SaaS applications


Build understanding and trust through collaboration and AI-assisted knowledge about your data. Bring together your analysts and data scientists to share, reuse and collaborate


Combine datasets from disparate systems. Use more data in your analytics to generate more accurate and actionable insights


Access your data from one location using any of your favorite BI and data science tools. Eliminate the reliance on IT

Analytics Democratization

Why an analytics culture matters

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Business Benefits

Time to Value

Access analytic assets in a matter of minutes versus weeks or months with a traditional data warehouse approach

Business users are in control

Business analytics users become self sufficient. They can access the data they need from any sources without help from engineering or IT

Ease of Use

No coding or SQL skills necessary. Spend time on the analysis and uncovering the business insights, not on learning the SQL or other 
programming language


Business users can now have a more iterative and experimental approach to finding the data set they need. Pull, blend, join, clean, format and share and collaborate with other business units